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Hegedűs György páciensei körében végzett felmérés statisztikai elemzése és eredményei Elkerülhető a csípőprotézis műtét? Mennyire hatékony a Safe Laser csípőkopás esetén ha már a csípőprotézis műtétet javasolja az orvos? A porc regenerálódik — Dr. Hegedűs György a Safe Laser orvosi szakmai és kutatás vezetője Csípőkopás regenerálható: a szervezetben minden sejt regenerálódik, így a csont és a porc is Ha nem regenerálódik a porc akkor miért ír fel az orvos porcregeneráló étrendkiegészítőket Dona, Condrosulf, Proenzi lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére.

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Safe Laser hatása a porc regenerációra Effects of laser treatment on the expression of cytosolic proteins in the synovium of patients with ayurveda ízületi ízületi kezelés Lasers Surg Med.

Epub Jun 7. We have previously shown that LLLT influenced synovial protein expression in rheumatoid arthritis. The aim of this study was to lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére the effects of laser irradiation on osteoarthritic OA synovial protein expression.

An untreated sample taken from the same patient served as control.

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Synovial protein separation and identification were performed by two-dimensional differential gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry, respectively. Results: Eleven proteins showing altered expression due to laser irradiation were identified.

Conclusions: A single diode laser irradiation of the synovial samples of patients with osteoarthritis can statistically significantly alter lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére expression of some proteins in vitro.

These findings provide some more evidence for biological efficacy of soft laser treatment, used for osteoarthritis. Key words: ex vivo, laser therapy, proteomics, synovial membrane Introduction Studies of the expression of proteins proteomics play a more and more important role in the investigation of various clinical entities 1. This technique has been successfully used in studying the expression of cytosolic proteins of the synovial membranes in rheumatoid arthritis RAosteoarthritis OA and ankylosing spondylitis AS.

Differences were found in the protein expression of calgranulin A, vimentin, α-enolase, fructose biphosphate aldolase A in lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére synovial membrane of patients with RA and AS compared to OA 2. The identification of new biological and clinical markers of inflammatory rheumatic diseases RA, AS opened new possibilities of further dissecting lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére synovial effects of low level laser therapy LLLT 3.

Bjordal et al. Rizzi et al. Finally, we have recently showed that the expression of some proteins in the rheumatoid synovial membrane significantly changed following laser irradiation In the present study we wished to determine whether the expression pattern of synovial proteins in OA would be affected by ex vivo laser irradiation. The clinical and laboratory characteristics of our patients are shown in Table 1.

Sample preparation and protein extraction Following surgery, OA synovial membrane samples were immediately placed into Medium Sigma Aldrich solution at 4 ºC. First the fatty and connective tissues were removed then two 0. The control samples were kept under identical conditions, but were not irradiated. Laser irradiation was carried out using a KLS lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére diode laser Laseuropa Ltd, Budapest, Hungarya laser instrument similar to ones used in our clinical practice.

The parameters of the laser were as follows: wavelength: nm; power: mW; output aperture size: 2 X 4. The samples were stored at ºC until further use. The solution underwent ultrasound treatment for 1 minute Bandelin Sonorex TK52 then it was centrifuged 12, g, one hour, 4 ºC. The protein samples were stored in a lysing buffer at ºC until analytical processing.

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Samples containing 2. This pooled sample was labelled by Cy3, whereas the control and the treated samples were labelled by Cy5. Then the two differently labelled samples 5 μg of samples and 5 μg of pooled samples labelled by Cy5 and Cy3, respectively were mixed. Rehydration was followed by the isoelectric focusing of the proteins for The settings were the same as reported previously Protein identification using preparative gel and data analysis Protein samples of μg were added to the preparative gel.

During the first dimensional run the protocol corresponding to the analytical gel was applied. Deviation occurred just at the second dimensional run.

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Solution A: 0. Then gels were neutralized using Tris-solution of 0.

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Based on the results of the analytical gel, the identical protein spots of the preparative gel were excised. Results Altogether 11 proteins exerted differential expression in LLLT reated OA synovial tissue samples as compared to untreated control samples Table 2. However, little is known about the exact molecular effects of laser irradiation. Some research groups have used gel electrophoresis and MS proteomic techniques to compare the composition of healthy and OA cartilage.

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Garcia et al. Several proteins involved in ECM organisation, signal transduction, cell communication, immune responses and metabolism showed differential expression. Kirsch et al. Here we present only those proteins that exerted significantly increased or decreased expression upon LLLT. This protein belongs to the hsp60 chaperonin family Tsan et al. Hsp-s inhibit aggregation, erroneous folding and directly mediate protein folding as chaperons.

Yokota et al.

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Sedlackova et al. Hsp gene expression profiles may be very different in inflammatory RA and non-inflammatory OA joint diseases. Some other proteins showing diminished synovial expression after LLLT including calpain small subunit 1.

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This is a calcium-dependent cystein protease formed in the cartilage and synovial tissue. RA and OA chondrocytes actively secrete calpain and calpain levels are increased in both RA and OA synovial fluids compared to normal controls 25, Whiteman et al. Szomor et al. In an early phase of CIA calpain acts as a matrix proteinase and plays a role in enzyme activation and cartilage destruction.

Although calpain is regarded as an intraarticular enzyme, recently calpain has also been detected in the site of callus formation after the fracture of growing cartilage 30as well as in synovial fluids of OA patients Solau-Gervais et al. Calpain activity was higher in RA and OA compared to posttraumatic controls. Struglics et al.

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Calpain-generated fragments were detected in both normal and OA cartilage and synovial fluids. Iguchi-Hashimoto et al. As calpain is highly involved in cartilage destruction and its expression decreased by laser irradiation, thus LLLT may diminish calpain-mediated degradation in OA. Actin and tubulin are cytoskeletal proteins. Tubulin is a member of the family of globular proteins and is a constituent of microtubules.

The expression of α-tubulin significantly decreased in all synovial tissue samples following LLLT. Ramos-Ruiz et al. The inhibition of tubulin synthesis may be an initial step in the development of adjuvant arthritis. The expression of cofilin was also reduced by LLLT in two synovial samples in our study. Campbell et al.

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Rollin et al. The expression of cytoskeletal binding proteins including cofilin and annexin 2 significantly increased in OA chondrocytes. Blain et al. Tubulin and cofilin are involved in cytoskeleton formation and also in remodelling and mechanical properties of the cartilage.

Haudenschild et al. In their differential proteomic analysis of normal and OA chondrocytes, Lambrecht et al. The organization of split vimentin was described in OA chondrocytes. Tilleman et al.

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Similarly to Haudenschild et al. Wang et al. Ea et al. In severe OA, chondrocyte apoptosis is associated with the overexpression of annexin V and BCP crystal deposition in the matrix. It was demonstrated that the overexpression of annexin V may contribute to hypocellularity of the articular cartilage.

We observed a significant decrease in the expression of collagen type VI alpha 2 chain precursor in five OA synovial samples following laser treatment. Hambach et al. When comparing healthy and OA cartilage, the three chains of collagen VI were abundantly expressed in healthy articular cartilage, while collagen VI expression was significantly reduced in the superficial layer of the cartilage in OA.

The authors concluded that the underexpression of collagen VI in the cartilage may result from increased degradation rather than by a decreased synthetic activity. Murray et al. In conclusion, the significant increase in the expression of mhsp60 after LLLT treatment of OA synovial samples suggests the existence of a reparation process that inhibits protein aggregations and protein misfolding.

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The decreased expression of calpain small subunit 1, annexin A5, vimentin variant 3 and collagen type VI alpha 2 chain precursor expression after LLLT may result in lézer a csípőízület artrózisának kezelésére suppression of cartilage degradation in OA. Our study provided additional evidence for the molecular effects of LLLT in rheumatic diseases. The human plasma proteome. Mol Cell Proteomics ; Mass spectrometric proteome analyses of synovial fluids and plasmas from patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and comparison to reactive arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Electrophoresis ; The need for prognosticators in rheumatoid arthritis Biological and clinical markers where are we now?

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Zsuga Judit, neurológus, klinikai farmakológus Jelenleg nem áll rendelkezésünkre oki terápia az arthrosis kezelésére, de különböző gyógyszerekkel a fájdalom csökkenthető, és az ízület mozgásképessége javítható. Keressen fel szakembert akkor is, ha az  arthrosis  kezelésére kapott gyógyszereknek mellékhatásai alakulnak ki: émelygés, hasi kellemetlen érzés, szurokszerűen fekete széklet, székrekedés és aluszékonyság.

Analgesic effect of GaAlAs diode laser irradiation on hyperalgesia in carrageenin induced inflammation. Inhibitory effect of low level laser irradiation on LPS stimulated prostaglandin E2 production and cyclooxygenase2 in human gingival fibroblasts.

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Osteoarhtritis Cartilage ; Chaperone-mediated protein folding. Physiol Rev ; Molecular chaperones in the cytosol from nascent chain to folded protein. Science ;